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Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen

Eric is one of the kennel/tech assistants at ICPH. He has a BS in Biology from Emory University. He held a six-week internship at C.R.O.W. (The Clinic for Rehabilitation of Wildlife) on Sanibel and has shadowed doctors at both ICPH and Coral Vet Clinic. Eric chose to work at the veterinary hospital because he finds it fulfilling to see how happy a healthy pet can make its owner and he hopes to one day become a veterinarian himself. He also takes pride in making sure every process that goes into making your pet healthy goes as smoothly as possible. This can vary from making sure there are clean towels for cages and treatment areas are well stocked all the way to helping the doctors in the rooms. Eric occasionally volunteers at C.R.O.W. and he also watches anime with Emi, his overly attached dog.

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