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Pet Hospice / Euthanasia

Indian Creek Pet Hospital offers empathetic and supportive pet hospice and euthanasia services to guide families through the difficult and emotional moments in their beloved pet’s lives.

Pet Hospice/Euthanasia in Fort Myers, FL

With a focus on providing comfort, dignity, and understanding during these challenging times, the clinic’s experienced team is dedicated to supporting pets and their families with kindness and compassion.
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Pet Hospice/Euthanasia


Many pet owners are faced with excruciatingly difficult decisions regarding end-of-life care for their beloved pets. At Indian Creek Pet Hospital, we understand how painful these decisions can be and will always act as compassionately as possible. We will assist you with implementing a plan that is best for your pet’s needs and maximizes their quality of life until they let us know it’s time.

Hospice Care

As your pet ages, they may develop a chronic condition or terminal illness such as cancer, organ failure, osteoarthritis, or dementia. When these conditions can no longer be managed and treated with medical care and cause significant discomfort for your pet, we will be there to help you through hospice care. Our staff will guide you through your pet’s care needs and will be there for any questions. At Indian Creek Pet Hospital, our priority is to keep your beloved pet as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Compassionate Euthanasia Services

When your pet’s health begins to falter due to illness or general old age, it is important to consider their quality of life. If they cannot live comfortably without pain or are unable to move physically, then it is time to discuss gentle euthanasia. This is never an easy decision or discussion, but we at Indian Creek Pet Hospital will be there for you and your pet during this trying time. We will be there to answer any questions you have and offer our advice to help you reach a decision that is best for you, your pet, and your family.

For more information about our hospice and euthanasia services, please call us at (239) 466-5555

Pet hospice and euthanasia services at Indian Creek Pet Hospital are designed to ensure that pets experience comfort and peace during their final stages of life. The clinic’s veterinarians prioritize the well-being of pets and strive to enhance their quality of life, allowing them to spend their remaining days in a familiar and loving environment.

The clinic’s hospice services encompass personalized pain management, emotional support, and guidance for families navigating their pet’s end-of-life journey. By working closely with families, the veterinary team helps create a plan that aligns with the pet’s individual needs and provides a compassionate and dignified experience.

In cases where euthanasia is the most humane option to prevent further suffering, Indian Creek Pet Hospital offers a caring and considerate approach. The clinic’s team ensures that the process is as peaceful and stress-free as possible for pets and their families. They provide a quiet and private space for the procedure, allowing families to say their final goodbyes in a calm and comfortable setting.

During these difficult moments, the clinic prioritizes open communication with pet owners. They take the time to discuss the pet’s condition, available options, and the decision-making process, allowing families to make informed choices based on their pet’s best interests.