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Pet Pharmacy

Located in the heart of Fort Myers, FL, Indian Creek Pet Hospital is a trusted veterinary clinic that provides comprehensive pet pharmacy services to ensure convenient access to a wide range of medications and prescription products for beloved animal companions.

Pet Pharmacy in Fort Myers, FL

With a commitment to pet health and well-being, the clinic offers a convenient and reliable solution for pet owners’ medication needs.
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Pet Pharmacy


Indian Creek Pet Hospital has an on-site, fully stocked pharmacy for your convenience and your pet’s good health. Through our pharmacy, you can purchase medications and products needed for:

  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Flea and Tick Prevention
  • Prescription Food
  • Dewormer
  • Prescription medications for illnesses, ear infections, eye problems, heart problems, immune problems, intestinal upset, respiratory infections, skin problems, thyroid deficiency or excess and behavioral issues.

If your pet needs specialized medications, we may use a local pharmacy or special compounding pharmacy to meet your pet’s needs.

We proudly offer Home delivery of your pet’s medications, flea and heartworm meds, and foods. We have partnered with Vets First Choice, a licensed pharmacy with licensed pharmacists, to ensure your pet’s prescriptions are accurate and won’t react with any other meds your pet may be taking. It also means that you receive the same medications you’d get inside our hospital, with the same guarantee.

In addition to keeping the manufacturer guarantees, you can get the same manufacturer discounts you would get either through us or online. So click on the link above and check out our online pharmacy.

The on-site pet pharmacy at Indian Creek Pet Hospital is stocked with a variety of prescription medications, preventive products, supplements, and specialty diets, all carefully selected to cater to pet’s diverse health requirements. From antibiotics and pain relievers to heartworm preventives and flea and tick treatments, the clinic’s pharmacy provides pet owners with the necessary tools to maintain their pet’s health.

The clinic’s experienced veterinarians play a pivotal role in pet pharmacy services. They evaluate pets’ health conditions, diagnose medical issues, and prescribe medications when necessary. Pet owners can trust that the prescribed medications are tailored to their pet’s specific needs and that they will receive the appropriate treatment.

The convenience of having an on-site pet pharmacy ensures that pet owners can obtain the necessary medications during their visits to the clinic. This eliminates the need for separate trips to external pharmacies and provides a seamless experience for pet owners and furry companions.